So I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of “smoothie bowls” floating around the internet lately and I am just a bit confused. Is it literally just a smoothie except in a bowl? So like, you make a smoothie, dump it into a bowl and throw some non-blended ingredients around the side? Do you eat it with a spoon? Drink it out of the bowl like miso soup? What’s next, a milkshake bowl? Because that is called watery ice cream. So is a smoothie bowl essentially watery sorbet? I have so many questions.

I honestly need to remind myself of this sometimes. When I get anxious, I try to look back at all of the things that I have gotten myself all worked up over and remember that hey, I am still alive, it wasn’t a big deal in the end, and whatever I am currently worrying about won’t be a big deal soon. (It never seems soon enough though).

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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I actually don’t think I’ve ever eaten one of these macaron thingies but I like the IDEA of them because they are pretty and pastel food.

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Driving home is hard when the sun is setting because I have to pull over and take photos of the scenery (several times). #sunset #clouds

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Middle Earth Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

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Amsterdam [Via] By Fabio Sabatini

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I don’t usually reblog people I guess (aside from the other chick I just reblogged…) but this is some beautiful photography and also, how is she so gorgeous? 

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